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Motorsport events

2023 AMSAG Orange Rally

Images are free for personal use and sharing, as long as the watermark is not removed. Please contact me for other uses.

Cooma Show 2023

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For those interested, the black and white images were shot on Ilford FP4+ 35mm film, home developed. (Dunno what all the specks are. Might be time for a new batch of dev.) The color ones are digital! All images free… Read More »Cooma Show 2023

Mini Eden Rally 2023

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Photos free to use for private use, please contact me for other uses. Thanks!

Mt Gladstone Hillclimb November 2022

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I tried to compete and shoot photos at the same time… the competing was great, but the photos suffered! Still got a few nice ones though. 🙂 More info here: