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About Me and Why I Built This Site

Big and small

I’m a photographer based near Cooma in SE NSW Australia. Most of my photography concentrates on two rather separate genres.

One is Motorsport, more specifically Rally photography, although I take photos of other, lower level, events as well. I proudly hold Motorsport Australia Bronze Media accreditation, and now (2023) also AASA media accreditation.

Motorsport photography also merges into car photos… especially as I like interesting cars in their own right. That’s all quite straightforward.

The other has taken me a while to pin down to a simple heading. I think Rural Life captures it moderately well, even if it sounds like an old magazine cover… Everything from the landscape, the roads and the weather, to the people and towns of the region where I live. My style is slowly evolving (who’s isn’t?) and I may well focus on a new aspect at any time.

The thing that encouraged me to set up this website is the simple fact that I haven’t done it before, and don’t know anything about building a site! Maybe I should now say don’t know much… as I have got this far… 😉

I like learning new things.

All my photos are developed using darktable, the best (IMO) image workflow software, and it’s also open source! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the developers and those involved with that project.

At present photography is only a hobby for me, strictly speaking, however if you like my style and would me to shoot an event, I’m always willing to discuss a new project. Please get touch via the Contact page!

Stevenson (Steve) Gawen